Get the best Home Interior Designs in Kolkata

At Indriyo you find the best home interior designs by getting all your home design queries answered. Indriyo is a turnkey service provider of best home interior designing in Kolkata. Where you can find professional designers adept in creating the perfect home as a reflection of yourself.

 Living Room Interior Design

Here, you come across some of the best house interior designers skilled in crafting the most beautiful spaces for you, where you can love, laugh, work, play, cry. In short just be yourself enjoying life in every corner of your house. We offer you a range of services decorating apartments, buildings, bungalows. Get in touch with expert interior designers who have the vision beyond ordinary to decorate your home just the way you want it to be.

Interior decoration does not mean designing your office or home with expensive pieces of art, paint or furniture. Rather, it is the science of understanding which type of furniture or paintings would suit the rooms of your bedroom. A professional interior designer will understand your personality and showcase the same through your home.

Your home is the place where you tend to seek refuge from the rest of the world. This is the place where you don’t need to filter yourselves and enjoy life to the full. Thus, it becomes really important for you to design your home as a reflection of your own self.

Every corner of your home has a different story altogether- your bedroom, where you can let go off the whole day’s tiring experience and indulge into some quality time with yourself; the kitchen where your kids would linger around or the kids’ room where they can unleash our hidden talents. All you need is a group of efficient interior designers who can shower life into your imagination and Indriyo is the best answer.

Interior designing begins with conceptualising the design and transforming them into reality. When it comes to home interior design, you would definitely like to create aesthetically pleasing interiors. If you are looking forward to giving your kitchen a makeover and you search for interior decorators online, you might end up in a vast ocean not knowing which way to go. But, at Indriyo you would receive the latest designs of a top-of-the-line modular kitchen designed by a team of expert professionals who work earnestly to give you the best possible experience.


Kids’ Room Interior Design

If you are planning for a cartoon-themed bedroom for your children or just making it more kid-friendly by replacing the furniture and you also have ample ideas in your mind but can’t implement them, why break your head? At Indriyo and find expert interior decorators who are skilled in transforming your kids’ room as a reflection of your imagination.


Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design


Are you thinking to get a modern bedroom with pleasing pastel theme combined with creative elements for your new home? Or do you just want to replace the old furniture and go for a refurbishment? Instead of wasting your time in a furniture outlet, just log on to Indriyo to book a home design service handled by experts to complement your personality and be the best fit for your living room, kitchen, bedroom- in short, give your entire house a makeover.


Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Design


Haven’t the thought of getting a modular kitchen designed for your wife, who loves to cook, crossed your mind? The kitchen is undoubtedly an important part of the whole house. It is said, whoever rules the kitchen, rules the entire household. Turn your kitchen into an elegant space by booking a modular kitchen design service and wait to see how you fall in love with your kitchen. Interior designers at Indriyo will serve you some best modular kitchen designs taking care of the designs, deadlines, accessories yet not exceeding your budget.


Living Room Interior Design

Are you looking for deluxe sofa sets, centre tables, wall clocks and paintings to decorate your bedroom or living room? Why waste your time to visit furniture stores in your area which might not even have the exact pieces that you need? You can easily avail an interior designing service directed by a team of skilled and experienced interior designers at Indriyo to experience the best quality work without pressure on your pocket.



Elegant and fancy home decor will liven up your home in ways you could never imagine. It will guarantee that you fall in love with your home. Elevate your style statement with top-class interior decoration and let every corner of the house express its own story.

Be it minimalistic or bold, transform your living space to reflect your style. Hire a professional interior decorator on Indriyo with a vision beyond ordinary to transform your ideas into fitting designs for your home. At Indriyothe beautiful dream of homes can be turned into a reality with a guarantee of hassle-free services coupled with budget-friendly experience.

Some complimentary services offered by professional interior designers at Indriyo-

Professional Approach- A professional interior designer at Indriyo will not only bring your ideas into reality but along with it will also point out the practical utility of your concepts. Not only that, but we would also help you find the right materials locally.

Money saving concepts- Once your interior decorator is informed about the budget, it is our responsibility to fit things into the said budget. We would also balance out things to create the best interiors staying within your budget and space restrictions.

Material Provision- For one particular room, you will need to buy too many stuff. And you tend to get confused between various brands and prices. Interior designers at Indriyo will not only recommend but will also provide the best for each of your requirement with the price, quality, your space, durability and other important things in mind.

Save your time and effort- Interior decorators at Indriyo are committed to meet the deadlines without wasting a single day and also make sure that the quality does not suffer due to limited time.

Get access to the best craftsmen available- Your plan is a total waste if people working for it creates something totally different. Indriyo offers you interior designers who work with a fixed team of workers and contractors who have done this type of work earlier and have our wavelength matching with yours.

We know the technicalities- Interior designing is an art and it is always advisable to seek expert advice on every project.  

Access to the latest designs trends and products- Professional interior designers are updated on the latest trends emerging in the industry. At Indriyo, interior designers will bring selected global trends exclusively for you.

Visualise your interiors- Recently, most interior designers have a team of  3D visualisers and artists who give you a 3-dimensional view of your interiors. To get your opinion for alterations or add-ons.

Hiring an interior designer at Indriyo becomes a lot more important because of the complimentary services that you receive.