Hire the Best Commercial Interior Designers in Kolkata

Indriyo provides turnkey services for all your interior designing requirements. Indriyo is an all-inclusive service provider of the best commercial interior designing in Kolkata. Where you would come across expert interior designers who can create a reflection of your self in your office or showrooms or restaurants.

Also, you get to discover some of the best commercial interior designers skilled in crafting the most calculated spaces for your office interiors, showrooms, restaurants, where you can display your excellence and enjoy every moment. Designers at Indriyo offer a wide range of services decorating your workplace, hotels, restaurants, showrooms. Get in touch with some of the best interior designers having the vision beyond ordinary to create masterpieces.

Commercial Interior design services do not imply, designing your office or showroom with expensive art or furniture. Rather, interior decoration is the art of understanding which the types of furniture or paintings that would suit a particular place. A professional commercial interior designer has this ability to understand and carefully design the same. 

The places that you visit every day always has an effect on your day-to-day activities. If these places are not designed matching with your personality, there are chances you will be experiencing a negative effect on your work.

All you need is a group of efficient interior designers who have the ability to transform your ideas into life and who else could be better than Indriyo? With years of precision and gathered experience, Indriyo has the best designs at affordable prices coupled with the best services.


Office Interior design

Office Interior Designing

An office is a place where you tend to spend maximum time of your day. This is the place where you have to deal with multiple clients and it is highly required that you feel at home in your office as well. Be it designing or decorating your office, you must know all the prerequisite of the nature of your office so that you can design your work and follow your dreams without any obstacle.  For the best office interior design get in touch with the best team of interior designers who offer the best quality services at reasonable prices.



Restaurant Interior Design


In the Food & Beverages industry, every second restaurant or ice-cream parlour compete with each other in terms of prices, promotions, and locations but, very rare in terms of interior designing. Most people tend to forget that interior designing impacts customer psychology affecting their amount of orders and duration of stay in the restaurant.




Shop Interior Design

A showroom is a commercial property where we usually indulge in trading. The major point that every showroom must keep in mind is that there should be adequate lighting, proper space to walk through the displayed merchandise. Proper air cooling and surveillance throughout the showroom. Professional Interior designers at Indriyo are experienced in creating the perfect showrooms for your business.


Hotel Interior Design

Designing a hotel is a very challenging and equally interesting part of the design industry. To create a hotel which reflects its own individuality, that makes the customers want to come back, lounges that act as a place of serenity even within populated cities, themed restaurants and welcoming reception. Hotels should be designed keeping the ‘at home’ feeling within the design that stands the test of time and is free of constantly needed renovations and maintenance within the targeted budgets. Our hotel interior decoration services will include everything from cutlery to beds, lobby, meeting rooms, hotel bars, furniture and furnishings.